In Christo Jesu is a bulletin published from the Seminary for the Alumni Association.IdhayaVelieedugal is a theological publication in Tamil, which gives academic expression to theological and philosophical issues pertaining to society.

Sacred Perspectives is a Half-Yearly Publication in Culture and Religion. This is a joint venture of the Departments of Philosophy and Theology. This journal discusses concrete issues concerning culture, philosophy and theology and encourages a praxis-oriented approach to philosophical and theological studies.

Kadavulin Pradhinidhi is a monthly magazine published with the intention to reach out to Christian families as well as to the youth of our society. This magazine is a portal to express views on current issues from a faith perspective. This magazine also aims at promoting vocation to priesthood and a religious way of life; catechising as well as encouraging everyone to prophetic and social action.

September 2021 Kadavulin Pradhinidhi Edition

Kadavulin Pradinidhi Sep2021 Magazine.pdf