Online Class

1 Inauguration of the Online Classes

Online Classes commence on Wednesday 15 July.

2 Allocation of Classes

Every professor is given 3/4 days in a week for a particular subject. If a professor handles 1 credit course he will be given 3 days, 2 credits 7 days, 3 credits 10 days. [The Time Table is already sent to your email and will be posted in the classrooms.]

3 Class Days

Keeping in line with the regular time table of the seminary, the class days are from Monday to Saturday with a break on Thursday. A few Thursdays are set aside for webinars and special lectures which will be duly informed in advance.

4 Class Timings

The classes begin at 9.00 am and end by 12.25 pm. The classes are held only in the Morning. It is also informed to the superiors/rectors in-charge of the seminarians that they should be given sufficient time in the evenings for both revision and preparation for the classes.

5 Official e-mail Ids:

A separate official email id has been created for every member of our community. Only this mail will be used for official communication and to participate in online classes.

*Other details and guidelines have been posted in the Classroom.