Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Department Of Philosophy

The philosophy programme comprises two years. The curriculum includes courses on Western and Indian Philosophy with a special reference to Tamil Philosophy, Psychology, Christian Doctrine, Catechetics, Introduction to Scripture and Social Sciences. Besides the philosophical subjects, special care is taken for the spiritual formation of the students and they are initiated into various dimensions of seminary training. The philosophy programme encourages students to develop their critical and analytical skills, to have an adequate understanding of the prevailing intellectual trends in India and abroad, as well to develop their proficiency in Tamil and English languages. The students are also provided with opportunities to develop their personal knowledge of the Bible and other relevant religious subjects. They are also trained to do scientific work as a non-professional.

Department Of Theology

The theology programme comprises four years, which includes the pastoral programmes and experiences in the final year. Theology curriculum consists of courses of the Common Theology Syllabus for the Major Seminaries in Tamilnadu. The courses are Christo-centric and bear a strong pastoral orientation, which is rooted in the real life experiences of the people. A special pastoral programme reflecting the challenges of the present context is organized for the students during the eighth semester of the theology programme. Students are expected to have completed at least one year of regency before commencing their theological studies. All through the years of theological formation students are engaged in different forms of ministry during the week-ends.

Theology For The Laity

The Second Vatican Council rediscovered the theology of Local Church with a singular emphasis on the participation of the lay faithful in the mission of the Church. Our seminary offers a two year diploma course in theology for the laity with the intention of empowering them with theological knowledge, which will constructively enhance their participation in the local parish communities. The study of theology also enables them to collaborate with their pastors to create vibrant and participatory communities in the light of the Gospel values.