In Solidarity with the Divine Potter

A Word of Introduction

Sacred Seminary enjoys a rich historical and spiritual heritage. She has been engaged in the formation of priests since its inception on 8 September 1936 and has contributed much to the Church in India as well as to the universal Church. This seminary is a reputed ecclesiastical institution of the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore. The seminary is involved in offering integral formation to her students enabling them to become spiritual leaders and effective pastors who would partner with Jesus in creating a vibrant local community and to agents of transformation in re-fashioning our world according to God’s dream and design. The formation programme consists of two years of philosophy, one year of regency and four years of theology. A student is ordained a deacon on completing his third year of theology and ordained a priest on completing his fourth year of theology.

At present, we have 203 seminarians from twenty-five dioceses of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Seem Andhra, Chanda and Ita Nagar, as well as nine religious congregations for. We have 13 resident students (eighty-four theologians and forty-six philosophers), and 73 day scholars. We complete eighty years of our dedicated service to the Church in the ministry of formation of priests on 8 September 2016.  

People’s Partnership Programme

The priests and the people together form one single community and we are collectively called to share in the priesthood of Jesus. Therefore, we are convinced that you consider it a special privilege to be part of the People’s Partnership Programme, which enables you to participate in the formation of seminarians aspiring to become priests. It is quite a spontaneous desire to have a priest in your family. If this desire is not fulfilled, you can always adopt a seminarian and support him to become a priest. Hence, your membership in the People’s Participation Programme could be one of the best expressions of your love for the Church and a demonstration of your caring attitude to priests.