Guidelines for the Sponsorship Programme

  1.  A sponsor who has contributed towards the permanent burse would have a spiritual son.
  2. The seminary would take the initiative to connect the sponsor and the seminarian at an appropriate time before the ordination.
  3. The sponsor and the seminary would collectively decide about continuing the relationship after the ordination.
  4. The sponsors are discouraged from offering personal economic support to the seminarian and to his family. 
  5. The sponsor would not be given a new spiritual son after the ordination of the previous spiritual son.
  6. In the event of a seminarian discontinuing his studies we can identify a new spiritual son for the sponsor.
  7. If there are more sponsors, then, the concept of “Shared Spiritual Son” would be applied, that is, a seminarian would have multiple sponsors.
  8. The staff would participate in the family celebrations of the sponsors depending on their availability.
  9. The seminary would keep up the practice of praying for the sponsors daily, and offering a mass for their intentions every Tuesday.
  10. The seminary would define a mechanism to keep in constant touch with the sponsors